Way to Die #689
"Wine and Die"
Name of the death is a pun on "Wine and Dine"
Wine and Die
Date October 1, 2002
Location Napa Valley, California
Episode this death
was featured in
"Death – Putting The FUN In FUNERAL"

Way to Die #689: Wine and Die, is the fourth death featured in "Death – Putting The FUN In FUNERAL", which aired February 22, 2012.


On October 1, 2002, in Napa Valley, California. Lloyd, a nerdy, virgin college student takes a female foreign-exchange student named Helga from Sweden to a vineyard for a wine tasting, only to find it closed for the off-season. Having brought their own wine, they get drunk and climb into a fermentation vat to make out. Both of them soon asphyxiate due to the carbon dioxide emitted by the fermenting grapes, hence it's called carbon "die" oxide.

"This is a story about a horny virgin and a beautiful sweetie. They drank some wine, then climbed into a wine vat. But instead of getting it on....they got offed."

Pun-On Phrase

"Wine and Dine"

Segment Nickname

  • Wine and Dine
  • Dyin' Wine