Way to Die #101
"Weenie Roast"
Name of the death is a pun on "weenie roast"
Weenie Roast
Date July 20, 2001
Location Climax, Kansas
Episode this death
was featured in
"Dead on Dead"
previous death
"Tunnel Vision"
next death
"Dead Weight"

"Weenie Roast",Way to Die #101 is the first death to be featured in "Dead on Dead", which aired on February 24,2010


Date: July 20, 2001

Location: Climax, Kansas

Two women and three men walk out of a church. They then play the game known as Truth or Dare. The girls go first. The men dare the girls to take off their top. Then the girls dare the men to urinate on the electric fence. The men decline the dare until one of the men named Bubba accept it. Bubba walks to the fence. Bubba urinates on the fence until he is electrocuted.

When you gotta go,you gotta go. Bubba went,...and then he was gone.

Segment Name

Toasted by the Fence


  • Dr. Pavel Bindra (Cardiac Electrophysiologist)


Foreign Names

Sült tök (Fried Penis) - Hungarian dub

Meaning: Just pee at home. Shocking I know.

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