Way to Die #238
"Washed And Fried"
Name of the death is a pun on "washed and dried"
Washed and Fried
Date September 28, 2001
Location Simi Valley, California
Episode this death
was featured in
"Death Watch"

"Washed And Fried", Way to Die #238, is the first death featured in "Death Watch", which aired on January 27, 2010.


Five cheerleaders from Simi Valley University are promoting a car wash to raise some money. The fact is, Simi Valley University doesn't exist, and these so-called "cheerleaders" are actually strippers. They were desperate to earn more money and they accept whatever payment a customer has. One of their customers, a perverted elderly widower named Harold, cruised into the car wash, and said how dirty his car was. He was going into the car wash version of a happy ending when he saw how sexy the strippers were. One of them got a power buffer to polish Harold's car, but little did she know that the buffer's cord was exposed and is near a pool of water. The buffer gets wet by an igniting spark, electrocuting all five strippers, who were dead before they could hit the pavement.

"The phony cheerleaders got a big charge out of milking their horn dog customers."

"Give me a D, give me an E, give me an A, and another D. What do we get? DEAD!"


  • Stephanie Carrion - Con Artist
  • Dr. Ramon Cestero - Trauma Surgeon


  • This death scene is awarded the "Best Sexiest Death" in the " Death By Request" Special.