1000 WTD (brand new homemade logo)

The Brand-New Homemade "1000 Ways to Die" logo. Font: Viking Stencil. Box-Cutting blade (with a sparkle dot at the edge of the blade) for "1", \\' = "Slasher Font" (from "Western International Syndication" logo) for "W", Bloody Skull for "O" and a Stabbed Sword and bloodline for "I". As the sword strikes on the ground, it reveals the homemade logo while the blood comes out of this ground below the sword.

"WARNING: The deaths, which are real and extremely graphic, portrayed in this show are based on tragic scenarios, from movies and make-up deaths."
"Names, which in some episode segments, have been changed to protect the identities of the deceased."
"Do not attempt to try ANY kinds of horrified actions depicted."
"OR ELSE YOU'LL DIE!" (the word "DIE" reverberates ominously).

NOTE: Death segments have never been the same. Also... "*" = These stars have blocked the letters for each bad words.

"1000 Ways to Die" -- Segments 401 - 500

Death # "Event" Name Taken from the episode and segment numbers Circumstances of Death
401 Abracadaver The Lighter Side of Death -- Segment 3 On November 12, 1995 in Flint, MI. A second-rate magician attempts to perform the famed "bullet catch trick". He taps the pistol (loaded with blanks) with his wand, not noticing that a piece of it has broken off and fallen into the barrel. When his ex-girlfriend assistant fires the blank in his direction for the illusion, the piece is propelled into his neck, severing his jugular vein, and he bleeds to death.
402 Miss-ur Head (aka Off With His Head) Dead Before They Know It -- Segment 6 On March 6, 1925, in Marseille, France. A French criminal is executed via guillotine. His head is studied by a scientist out to prove that the guillotine is an inhumane form of capital punishment by showing officials that the victim who died still shows some signs of life after being decapitated. (This is one of the few deaths that is not based on stupidity or unusual circumstances. Instead, it is an experimental procedure and a means of capital punishment.)
403 Heart On I See Dead People (And They're Cracking Me Up) -- Segment 6 / Top 100 Deaths -- Segment 7 On October 19, 2005, in Tooele County, UT. A mentally unstable man attaches jumper cables to a cow heart he bought from a slaughterhouse and tries to use it as a s** toy. At first, he attaches the cow heart to a car battery, but when it does not work for him, he tries hooking it up to a 110-volt wall socket, and is electrocuted.
404 Straight To DVDead (aka Duel Personalities) Better Dead Than Us -- Segment 6 / Top 100 Deaths -- Segment 67 On December 6, 2005, in Hollywood, CA. Two men are reenacting a 1775 Revolutionary War duel for a low-budget film. One man, a former criminal-turned-wannabe actor who was passed up for the lead role, plots to kill the other, so he slips a lead ball into the gun chamber to make the death seem like an accident. However, when he fires the gun, it explodes due to an excessive amount of gunpowder, blowing his hand off and sending shrapnel into his femoral artery, and he is killed from blood loss. (based on the death of Brandon Lee but unlike this scenario Lee's attempt was successful were as the person in this scenario plan backfired).
405 Chemi-Killed (aka Down the Drain) Grave Errors -- Segment 6 On July 31, 2003, in Bethesda, MD. A lab assistant, enraged by the rejection from her married co-worker who had s** with her and regretted it, goes on a rampage in the laboratory, destroying his latest experiment. She grabs a flask of sodium azide and smashes it into a sink full of water. The sodium azide converts to hydrogen azide gas, which burns the skin off her face and destroys her lungs.
406 Weld Done (aka All's H*** That Ends Weld) Today's Special: Death -- Segment 1 On May 25, 2009, in Scranton, PA. A woman lies about her welding experience so she can get a job. When her boss discovers she had lied, he fires the woman. To prove her welding ability, she welds her boss's car door shut and runs to her van. But she accidentally places her welding gear with the nozzle opened, filling the van with flammable gas. When she unlocks the van, the electric car battery causes a spark which ignites the gas inside the van and explodes on her.
407 Grilled (aka Bring-Bring) Think Globally, Die Locally -- Segment 1 On February 26, 2006, in Shanghai, China. A Chinese jewelry sweatshop owner obsessed with gangsta rap bullies his workers into creating jewelry made with rosary peas (which contain a poisonous material called abrin). The workers get their revenge on him by making a gold grill lined with rosary peas, which poison the owner when he begins wearing it.
408 Ring-A-Ding Dead (aka One Ring To Kill Them All) Death, The Final Frontier -- Segment 4 On June 13, 2008, in Portland, OR. A man with a habit of crashing and stealing from yard sales finds a ring in a box and puts it on, not realizing that it houses a loaded, small-caliber firearm. When the homeowner tries to take the ring back, a scuffle breaks out and the weapon fires, hitting the thief in the face.
409 Bush Whacked 4: Waxwork House (aka House of Wax) Play Dead -- Segment 4 In this movie "House of Wax" (1953), The museum's popular "Chamber of Horrors" showcases both notable crimes and more recent ones, including the murBush Whacked 4: Waxwork House (aka House of Wax)der of Jarrod's former business partner by a cloaked, disfigured killer. Burke's fiancée, Cathy Gray is also killed.
410 Motel H*** (aka Psycho) Death of Vengeance -- Segment 5 In this movie "Psycho" (1960; 1998), an anonymous killer enters the bathroom and stabs a lady to death in the shower.
411 North By Northwasted (aka North By Northwaste) Death Certificates -- Segment 7 On July 22, 2009, in Lompoc, CA. A director is trying to recreate the airplane scene from the film "North by Northwest" (1959), using little people as actors and a remote-controlled plane. The actor in Cary Grant's role jumps out of the way of the plane, which flies past the director and slashes his carotid artery with its wing.
412 Em-Bear-A**ed (aka Un-BEAR-ably Attack) Death Over Easy -- Segment 4 / Death By Request 7A On April 16, 2001, in Palmdale, CA. A man under the influence of magic mushrooms comes across a group of furries in animal costumes engaged in sexual encounters around a campfire in the desert and attempts to join in, but is rebuffed. He mistakes a nearby mother brown bear for one of the participants and is mauled to death.
413 Just Plane Dead You're Dead! LOL! -- Segment 4 On July 19, 2001, in San Pedro, CA. A former pilot and current public nuisance flying an RC glider eventually flies it into the direction of the sun, losing view of it. It comes back behind the pilot, impaling him through his chest.
414 Hydrau-Licked (aka Hubcapped) Cure for the Common Death, Part II -- Segment 1 On May 2, 2009, in El Paso, TX. An overly-protective low-rider competes against someone who he caught eyeing his girlfriend and wins the competition. But as he's celebrating, a loose spring from his car hits him in the chest and knocks him to the ground where his opponents still-bumping car crushes his skull and chest.
415 Bed Buggered (aka Jerked Off) Sudden Death -- Segment 3 / Top 100 Deaths -- Segment 59 On October 14, 2004, in Columbus, OH. Two college roommates (a jock and a geek) share a dorm room, with the latter continually being made to leave whenever the former brings a date to the dorm. One night, the geek finally brings a date to the room, and has s** with her on top of the bunk beds while the jock harasses the two of them from below. The movements of the couple cause the top bunk to fall on the jock and fatally crush him. Based on a similar sense from Black Sheep.
416 Trucked Up Dying to Tell the Story -- Segment 3 / Top 100 Deaths -- Segment 62 On August 2, 2006, in Ithaca, NY. A teenager shows off his car to his girlfriend, but his obnoxious cousin also shows off his new pickup truck. While showing off eight ball on his gear shift, he left the car in gear. When he activated the remote starter, the truck lurched forward, popped out of gear, knocked him on the ground and then crushed his skull with the tires.
417 Destroid Death: A User's Manual -- Segment 2 / Happy Deathiversary -- Segment 1 On October 24, 2003, in Seattle, WA. A body builder who uses anabolic steroids and human growth hormones on a daily basis dies of a heart attack due to cardiomyopathy caused by the steroids.
418 Easy Slider Death On A Stick -- Segment 2 / Death By Request -- Segment 9C On May 17, 2008, in Henderson, NV. A couple finds a pool to hop into while the owners are away. After getting drunk and playing in the pool, the guy takes out a tarp and prepares to slide in the pool not noticing the nail (from when he was playing with a nail gun earlier) sticking up in the center of it. He then slides down the tarp and has his intestines torn out.
419 Skid Marked (aka Ghost Rider) Eat, Pray Die -- Segment 7 On March 12, 2006, in St. Petersburg, FL. A group of car thieves are practicing "ghost riding the whip" (putting the car into gear and dancing alongside it) with a stolen SUV. One of them attempts "The Circle," which involves making the car ride in a tight circle while standing atop it. The SUV hits a parking chalk, knocking the rider from the roof of the SUV. While on the ground, the SUV comes around and runs over the riders legs and breaks them. The SUV comes around another time, but this time runs over his g******s, p*****, stomach, chest, heart, neck, skull, and finally his brain. He dies of massive blood loss.
420 Die-Rect TV (aka Flashbite) Death – Putting The "Fun" In "Funeral" -- Segment 5 On September 29, 2009, in Brooklyn, NY. A squatter decides to tap into his neighbors' cable television line for some free entertainment when he sees that they are watching a marathon of "1000 Ways to Die". He climbs up to their exterior cable box, but tumbles down the building's fire escape, and gets impaled through his mouth and brainstem by the screwdriver he had between his lips.
421 Rear Wind-Do'h! (aka Rear Window) Death Goes On -- Segment 7 After breaking his leg during a dangerous assignment, professional photographer is confined in his Greenwich Village apartment, using a wheelchair while he recuperates, when suddenly, he got off the wheelchair, broke through the window and drops dead onto the streets. It's a rip-off of Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window" (1954).
422 Construction Accident Life Will Kill You -- Segment 2 A construction worker who comes to work drunk comes to work with a hangover. He accidentally activates the dumping mechanism and buries a fellow worker under three tons of sand and dies from crushed asphyxiation.
423 Malfunctioned Malnutrition Journey to the Center of Death -- Segment 1 On March 21, 1947, Homer Collyer had died from the combined effects of malnutrition, dehydration, and cardiac arrest. And On April 8, 1947, workman Artie Matthews found the body of Langley Collyer just ten feet from where Homer died. His partially decomposed body was being eaten by rats. A suitcase and three huge bundles of newspapers covered his body. Langley had been crawling through their newspaper tunnel to bring food to his paralyzed brother when one of his own booby traps fell down and crushed him. Homer, blind and paralyzed, starved to death several days later. The stench detected on the street had been emanating from Langley, the younger brother.
424 Air Annihilation (aka The Flight 180 Story) Death Mysteries -- Segment 3 In those movies "Final Destination 1 & 5", one of the pumps began to leak combustible fluids, making cabin pressure drop and setting off a spark within the fuel pump. The side of the plane was blown apart and three of the students aboard the plane are sucked outside, falling to their deaths. A fire starts within the fuel pump and a catastrophic explosion is created, incinerating all of the passengers in the ensuing explosion.
425 Ten-A** Anyone? (aka Treacherous Tennis) Crying Over Spilled Blood -- Segment 1 On May 16, 2003, in San Diego, CA. Two inept tennis players who idolize 1970s stars (John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg) hire their own personal referee. When the ref awards the game point, the loser of the point snaps his racket in half and climbs on the referee chair as the ref jumps out of it. The chair tips and the shaft of the racket impales the player's colon.
426 Urugray Underwater Chased by Death -- Segment 6 The people of Uruguay setenced an ex-leader, who was convicted of human rights abuses, to death, in this water torture by drowning in the underwater.
427 Six Feet Plunder (aka Grave Danger) Killing Them Softly -- Segment 3 On September 17, 2002, in Harrisburg, PA. A jealous man attempts to rob his wealthy brother's grave of the expensive jewelry he was buried with. After the man digs too close to the headstone, it topples on top of him, pinning him on top of his brother's body and crushing him.
428 Doggie Styled (aka Dynamite Dog) Ready Or Not, Here Comes Death -- Segment 7 On March 29, 1997, in Chester, GA. Two drunk duck hunters throw a lit stick of dynamite into a clump of bushes to flush out some ducks. Their dog, a yellow labrador retriever (who is telling the story; played by Ron Perlman), instinctively fetches the stick and brings it back, then runs off after an offscreen squirrel. The dynamite explodes, killing both hunters.
429 Weed Whacked (aka Whacked) The Lighter Side of Death -- Segment 4 On February 8, 2002 in Fort Wayne, IN. Two stoners run out of marijuana, so they look for other things to light up. They unwittingly decide on North America's most toxic plant, poison sumac, and are killed from flash pulmonary edema caused by its irritating urushiol fumes.
430 Eye of the Tiger (aka The Tiger of Terror) Dying Young -- Segment 4 The Bengal tigers of the Sundarbans, bordering India and Bangladesh, used to regularly kill fifty or sixty people a year. This was strange given that the tigers were usually in prime condition and had adequate prey available.
431 Rubbed Out (aka Alcohol Bath) It's a Dead, Dead, Dead World -- Segment 6 On July 12, 2002, in Great Falls, VA. After being sneezed on by a homeless man, a germaphobe gives himself a bath in a tub filled with isopropyl alcohol. Enough of it absorbs through his skin and into his bloodstream to induce lethal alcohol poisoning.
432 Coming & Going (aka Good Vibrations) Up With Death -- Segment 3 On September 2, 1997, in Palmdale, CA. A movie make-up artist rides home with her boyfriend on the back of his motorcycle. The vibrations of the bike arouse the woman to the point of o***** and for a moment she forgets she is on the motorcycle. She briefly lets go and ends up tumbling onto the road, breaking many bones and dying of internal organ damage.
433 Bruised Lee (aka The Bruce Lee Story) Hoarding Death -- Segment 5 On July 20, 1973, in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong. Bruce Lee complained of a headache, and Ting gave him an analgesic (painkiller), Equagesic, which contained both aspirin and the muscle relaxant meprobamate. Around 7:30 pm, he went to lie down for a nap. When Lee did not turn up for dinner, Raymond Chow came to the apartment but could not wake Lee up. A doctor was summoned, who spent ten minutes attempting to revive him before sending him by ambulance to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Bruce Lee was dead by the time he reached the hospital.
434 Chao Cho Rate Your Death -- Segment 5 In 2011, a Dutch climber named Ronald Naar, who was known as the Netherlands most famous adventurer, dies after becoming unwell at 8000 metres (26000 feet).
435 Coffin to Death (aka Holy Diver) Sudden Death -- Segment 1 On January 3, 1993, in Kyoto, Japan. Prior to a concert, the lead singer of a popular Japanese rock band decides to emerge out of a prop coffin filled with the steam from dry ice for a theatrical entrance. However, the lead guitarist (who is feuding with the singer) decides to steal the spotlight by performing an excessively long, 3-minute guitar solo on top of the coffin, trapping the singer inside the coffin and away from fresh air, killing him from lack of oxygen.
436 Lena Baked Death Insurance -- Segment 6 On March 5, 1945, in Reidsville, Georgia. Lena Baker, who was an African-American maid that killed her employer, Ernest Knight, in 1944, was sentenced to death on the electric chair, inside of the execution chair at Reidsville State Prison.
437 Zung Ling the Poison Victim Death is Due -- Segment 7 In 1994, Zhu Ling was a sophomore in Class Wuhua2 (Physical Chemistry) at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. Classmates described her as attractive, intelligent, and talented, with an interest in music. She began to show strange and debilitating symptoms at the end of 1994, when she reported experiencing acute stomach pain, along with extensive hair loss. Following her hospitalization at TongRen Hospital, her condition gradually improved and she was allowed to return to school. The following March in 1995, however, her old symptoms returned worse than before, this time accompanied by pain in her legs, loss of muscular eye control, and partial facial paralysis. Unable to breathe on her own, she was placed on a respirator and died.
438 Tongue Died (aka Messy Metalhead) Today's Menu: Deep Fried Death -- Segment 2 On September 4, 2008, in Detroit, MI. During the 2008 recession/housing crisis, a scavenger stealing metal from foreclosed homes and sells them for scrap is caught by an obese police officer and is chased. He succeeds in escaping the police officer but ends up falling into an open manhole (the lid of which was stolen by the scavenger earlier in the segment). The impact of the fall causes the man to bite off his tongue (which remains above ground) and break his neck, asphyxiating him.
439 Chain Gang Banged (aka Towed Away) That's "Mister Death" To You -- Segment 6 On June 23, 2007, in Maricopa, AZ. Two prisoners on a chain gang attempt to escape by jumping into the bed of a passing pickup truck. When the chain of their leg irons gets wrapped around the truck's hitch, they are dragged along the ground and die from blood loss and multiple bone fractures.
440 Tea Bagged (aka Speaker Trouble) Today's Special: Death -- Segment 7 On July 22, 2009, in Small Town, USA. A highly inexperienced female politician holds a rally to become mayor under the Tea Party ticket. In her excitement, the woman suffers a hemorrhagic stroke and collapses on the bayonet of her prop musket, which pierces her from under the chin through her brain.
441 Snakenstein (aka One Deadly Bite) Getting A Rise From The Dead -- Segment 7 On December 2, 1937, in Berlin, Germany. An unethical scientist interested in reanimation is only able to bring animal parts back to life, using chemicals and electric current. When he experiments on a rattlesnake carcass, a s***m in its muscles causes the fangs to drive into his neck, injecting him with a lethal dose of venom.
442 Nuclear Warheads (aka The Mushroom Cloudburst) Death of Vengeance -- Segment 1 On August 6 - 9, 1945, in Japan. During the atomic bombs, within the first two to four months of the bombings, the acute effects killed 90,000–166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000–80,000 in Nagasaki, with roughly half of the deaths in each city occurring on the first day. The Hiroshima prefecture health department estimated that, of the people who died on the day of the explosion, 60% died from flash or flame burns, 30% from falling debris and 10% from other causes.
443 Blogged Artery (aka Kiss Of Death) Wild Wild Death -- Segment 7 On January 16, 2006, in Zuni Pueblo, NM. A blogger who has s** with rock stars tries and fails at seducing a young rocker. Desperate for new material for her blog, she uses a vacuum cleaner on her neck to simulate a hickey. The suction causes a blood clot in her carotid artery, which ends up traveling to her brain and giving her a stroke when she stands.
444 Deadliest Munch Death On Arrival -- Segment 6 / Top 100 Deaths -- Segment 43 On June 7, 2008, in Stockton, CA. A lesbian comes home to find that her lover burned their dinner for the evening. To lighten the mood, the woman's lover reveals that she is wearing a candy bra and G-string. The lesbian begins eating the G-string, but it snaps and then she chokes to death on it, which means asphyxiated.
445 Apocalypse Harley (aka Apocalypse Charlie) Death Penalties -- Segment 6 On April 16, 2011, in Hollywood, CA. A mercenary, who looks like Marlon Brando, has been hired to take down a TV actor (that looks like Charlie Sheen) who has been in the news for his erratic, misogynistic behavior, and his cocaine abuse. When the mercenary has the actor cornered in his mansion, the actor races to the kitchen to snort cocaine and get his machete. While running circles around the mercenary, the actor trips and stabs himself in the heart with his own weapon. He manages to utter, "Winning!" to one of his live-in prostitutes before dying.
446 Kara-Chokey (aka Inside Choke) Star Death: The Last Generation -- Segment 3 On June 24, 2005, in Kyoto, Japan. A Japanese Yakuza boss punishes a drunk karaoke singer by severing his fingertip and swallowing it, only to have it lodge in his throat. One of his underlings performs the Heimlich maneuver to save him, but his incorrect technique ruptures the boss's aortic valve so that he dies of massive internal hemorrhaging.
447 Water Logged I See Dead People (And They're Cracking Me Up) -- Segment 1 On August 12, 2007, in New River, AZ. A college student jumps from a cliff into a lake and hits the water at an angle and speed that causes water to rush into his r*****, rupturing his large intestine. He passes out from massive internal bleeding and pain and drowns.
448 Homie-Cide (aka Drive-By Corpsing) If You're Dead – Leave a Message and We'll Get Back to You -- Segment 5 On July 31, 2004, in East L.A., CA. A wannabe actor joins a Hispanic gang to get into character for an upcoming low-budget gang film. After surviving his final initiation and being accepted, he is struck by a cadaver thrown off an overpass by a rival gang, causing a skull fracture and fatal brain hemorrhaging.
449 Another Up The B*** Story (aka Bachelor Bashed) Eat, Pray Die -- Segment 2 / Top 100 Deaths -- Segment 74 On August 17, 2009, in Las Vegas, NV. A drunk bachelor attempts to r*** a stripper (who was used as a human sushi bar) at his bachelor party. The stripper pushes him onto the toilet and he leans on the flush mechanism. Abnormally high pressure in the tank causes the porcelain lid to fly onto the floor and shatter, and the bachelor slips onto a shard of porcelain, piercing his colon and intestinal tract, and causing him to bleed to death.
450 That's A Morte! (aka Lust Poisoning) Today's Special: Death -- Segment 2 On June 25, 1580, in Verona, Italy. An Italian statesman suspects his wife of being unfaithful and puts her in a chastity belt to keep other men away from her. One of the woman's lovers comes up with a plan to slip off the chastity belt by soaking her in a tub of oil and water. The belt comes off and the two have s**. This process is repeated for several days, causing scratches on the woman's skin from the rust, which gives her a fatal tetanus infection.
451 A** Phyxiated (aka Plumper Helper) Death Bites! -- Segment 1 On April 6, 2005, in Omaha, NE. A travelling salesman with a fetish for fat women meets an extremely overweight woman, seduces her and manages to get her to fall in love with him. She passes out on top of the man after climaxing and suffocates him, which means asphyxiation.
452 'Dis Still Killed 'Em (aka Full Proof) Dying to Tell the Story -- Segment 7 On April 22, 1931, in Morgantown, WV. At the height of both the Prohibition Era and the Great Depression, a poor, Appalachian couple decide to make money by selling moonshine. They sample the first liquid produced by their still, not realizing that it contains pure methanol, which causes blindness and eventual organ failure.
453 Cat Got Your Life (aka Too Fur Gone) Star Death: The Last Generation -- Segment 1 On July 5, 2009, in Orlando, FL. An animal hoarding divorcee with multiple cats becomes obsessed with mating them so she can collect and drink the milk of her pregnant cats, not realizing that they have been eating white snakeroot plants outside her house. The milk picks up the plants' toxins and causes the woman to die of organ failure.
454 The Delta FARCS (aka Colombian Connection) Death Undercover -- Segment 4 On April 26 - 27, 2012, in Southern Colombia. Alleged FARC attacks in the southern departments of Caqueta and Cauca Thursday and Friday killed eight people early Friday morning after a pipe bomb exploded in the house where they were sleeping. A total of five pipe bombs were detonated in the area during the attack, which also left the victim's husband severly injured.
455 Herbert F***s (aka The Herbert Fux Story) The Death Club -- Segment 6 On March 13, 2007, Herbert Fux, who was an Austrian film actor from "Killer's Carnival" (1966), died with the help of the Swiss euthanasia group Dignitas.
456 Annihilating Anwar Sadat Death Matters -- Segment 2 On October 6, 1981, Anwar Sadat was assassinated during the annual victory parade held in Cairo to celebrate Egypt's crossing of the Suez Canal. In addition to Sadat, 11 others were killed, including the Cuban ambassador, an Omani general, and a Coptic Orthodox bishop. 28 were wounded, including Vice President Hosni Mubarak, Irish Defence Minister James Tully, and 4 US military liaison officers.
457 Blend-Dead (aka Ratted Out) Death Watch -- Segment 5 / Top 100 Deaths -- Segment 34 On September 19, 1998, in Austin, TX. A woman tries to achieve longevity by eating healthy foods grown in her own garden blended together in a smoothie. Unbeknownst to her, her landlord has been spraying rat poison in her garden when she is not home. Due to her ignorance of what the landlord has been doing, she consumes the poisoned produce, which thins her blood and makes her increasingly ill. Foolishly believing she needs more smoothies to regain her health, she continues to consume her poison-laced produce. Later, she sprawls across a medicine ball, causing all her blood to rush to her head until she eventually dies of a brain hemorrhage.
458 Lost In Transfusion (aka Cold Blooded) Dead Before They Know It -- Segment 4 / Top 100 Deaths -- Segment 69 On May 16, 2002, in Chicago, IL. In order to beat a company drug test, a cocaine-addicted crane operator injects himself with blood that matches his type, stolen by his girlfriend who works as a hospital cook. However, he does not listen when she warns him to warm the blood before injecting it. He stores the blood in the refrigerator overnight before injecting it in the bathroom moments before his drug test. Once the cold blood enters his body, the man is killed instantly from fibrillation and tachycardia.
459 Smoke Stalked Death Be a Lady Tonight -- Segment 2 / Top 100 Deaths -- Segment 71 On March 8, 2004, in Holbrook, AZ. A psychotic ex-girlfriend stalks her newly-married boyfriend and his happy wife to the point that her invasions become threatening. Desperate to take their minds off the stalker, the couple go on vacation, during which the stalker tries to break in through the chimney and gets stuck. Trapped for a week, she slowly dies of a mix of starvation, dehydration, and suffocation (asphyxiation) until her body's finally freed by her returning boyfriend, noticing her corpse is preventing him from starting a fire in the flue.
460 Blast Call (aka Halfs All Folks) Death – The Gift That Lasts Forever -- Segment 7 On March 11, 2009, in Chicago, IL. A demolition worker short on cash for booze draws a bull's-eye on his chest and challenges anyone to chuck darts at it in exchange for free drinks. As the game continues, the man gets so drunk that he collapses and suddenly blows apart when he hits the floor. The demolition worker unknowingly had a pack of blasting caps and a stick of dynamite in his back pocket, the force of which caused the explosion.
461 Highest Tower on the Snow Mountain Dying Out -- Segment 5 At Ridger Mountain Range, MT. Two snow skiers film their skiing and start an avalanche that buries them to death.
462 Tow F.U. (aka Tow Schmuck) Die-abestic -- Segment 2 On August 28, 2006, in Union, NJ. A tow truck driver was also a scam artist. He would put fake "No Parking" signs up and then overcharge customers when he illegally towed their car or does any other services. When a woman with a broken down car agrees to pay his high prices to get her car towed, the lazy tow truck driver accidentally hooked onto the cars steering rod instead of the tow link. While the car is being towed, the tensed steering rod breaks and the towing hook flies into the driver's head, crushing his skull.
463 Smoke A Doped Gratefully Dead -- Segment 5 / Top 100 Deaths -- Segment 32 On October 14, 1997, in Newark, DE. A man refuses to fall in love with his romantic addict girlfriend unless she quits smoking. The woman finds a box of nicotine patches in her bathroom and puts a month's worth of them all over her body, thinking they will make her break her addiction overnight. However, the excess of nicotine overloads her system and she dies of cardiac arrest.
464 Selena Shotgun (aka Mexican't Singer) Death of Vengeance -- Segment 7 On March 31, 1995. A Mexican-American singer named Selena Quintanilla-Perez got shot to death by a betrayed fan club president named Yolanda Saldívar, who was guilty and senteced to life in prison.
465 Guns N' Noses (aka Blood Diamonds) Killing Them Softly -- Segment 4 / Top 100 Deaths -- Segment 78 On December 14, 1992, in Sierra Leone. After capturing and killing a diamond smuggler, a ruthless warlord celebrates by snorting "brown-brown" (cocaine laced with nitroglycerine-laced gunpowder). The tray holding the mixture is contaminated with diamond dust; when the warlord snorts the mixture, the particles lacerate his arteries and travel to his heart, causing him to bleed to death.
466 A Rebel With A Cause (aka The James Dean Story) May the Death be With You -- Segment 2 On September 30, 1955, in Cholame, CA. James Dean and his Porsche factory-trained mechanic, Rolf Wütherich were at Competition Motors in Hollywood preparing Dean’s new Porsche 550 Spyder for the weekend sports car races, when all of a sudden, he had been extricated from the Spyder's mangled cockpit, his left foot had been crushed between the clutch and brake pedal. He was severely injured as he took the brunt of the crash with a broken neck and several internal and external injuries. Dean was hereby rushed to hospital where he's pronounced dead.
467 Altitude Sickness Journey to the Center of Death -- Segment 3 On December 12, 1989, one of the Mt. Everest climbers, Ang Pinjo, died from Altitude Sickness.
468 Died-Zilla Death – The Gift That Lasts Forever -- Segment 3 On April 12, 2008, in Middlebury, VT. After snorting bath salts from her gift baskets for days on end, a cheating bride-to-be (who had previously been in rehab for a drug addiction) gets hyperthermia due to the chemical MDPV in the bath salts, and collapses at the altar.
469 Natural Born Killers Ultimate Sacrifices -- Segment 3 In this movie "Natural Born Killers" (1994), the police cops taser a man and the scene ends with Mickey and Mallory being beaten to death by a group of vengeful policemen as a Japanese news crew fronted by a female reporter films the action.
470 Hoop Screams (aka Broken Basketball) May the Death be With You -- Segment 6 On March 4, 1990, in Los Angeles, CA. Hank Gathers collapsed (one time first collaspe, but survuved on December 9, 1989) again with 13:34 left in the first half of the WCC tournament quarterfinal game against Portland Pilots, just after scoring on his trademark tomahawk dunk on an alley-oop pass pass from point guard Terrell Lowery that put the Lions up 25–13. He collapsed a yard or two away from the current head coach of the Miami Heat, Erik Spoelstra, then a point guard for the Pilots. He attempted to get up, telling the trainers, then shortly after stopped breathing. He was declared dead on arrival at a nearby hospital.
471 VID Violence (aka Russian Revenge) Diary of the Dead -- Segment 5 On March 1, 1995, in Moscow, Russia. Vladislav "Vlad" Listyev, who's one of the VID TV founders, has been killed in an incident of which full details have never been provided, nor were his killers ever found.
472 Iced Copper Seconds from Death -- Segment 3 Trumann Police Chief Larry Blagg, 39, was remembered on January 25, 2012 as a family man who went well beyond his duty, dying to protect people in the Poinsett County town. Blagg, a veteran of the department, was killed on a night of January 24 when a piece of a tree limb struck him on West Main Street.
473 Oliver Reek (aka The Oliver Reed Story) Death of Anarchy -- Segment 1 On May 2, 1999, in Valletta, Malta. Robert Reed, who was an English actor, died from a sudden heart attack during a break from filming "Gladiator" (2000).
474 Crashed Crane Hoarding Death -- Segment 6 On July 7, 2012, in Richardson, TX. Two workers were reportedly killed when a crane collapsed as crews worked to dismantle the crane Saturday at the University of Texas Dallas campus. The incident happened as strong winds and storms blew into North Texas.
475 Toxic Transplant The Death Club -- Segment 7 Five poisoned patients deaths were attributed to the alleged contamination. Greater Manchester Police (GMP) announced that the inquiry into how saline solutions had been contaminated with insulin would form the basis of a murder inquiry. On July 20, 2011, GMP confirmed that they had arrested Rebecca Jane Leighton, who worked as a nurse at the hospital on ward A1 and A3 – in connection with the murder inquiry.
476 The Big Bad Wolf Live and Let Die -- Segment 5 On March 8, 2010, Candice Berner, a teacher and avid jogger, was found dead (attack by a wolf) along a road near Chignik Lake, Alaska, a village about 475 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska. Snowmobilers found her mutilated body with wolf tracks in the adjacent snow. The Alaska State Medical Examiner ruled that her death was caused by "multiple injuries due to animal mauling."
477 Mexi-Can't (aka Jailbroke) Crying Over Spilled Blood -- Segment 6 On August 15, 2005, in El Cabong, Mexico. A man tries to break his friend out of jail by using his car to rip the window bars out. He hooks a steel cable from his bumper to the bars and drives forward, but the cable snaps and decapitates him.
478 Board Stiff (aka Skateboard Scamper) Young, Dumb, and Full of Death -- Segment 5 On August 9, 2009, in Chicago, IL. A skilled, yet washed-up skateboarder is out skating one day. His board goes over a rock, and he falls face first down a staircase into some wet cement. The impact of the fall knocks him unconscious. While unconscious, he inhales the wet cement into his trachea, suffocating him to death, which means asphyxiated.
479 Fore Head Come On, Get Deathy -- Segment 5 On June 19, 1998, in Waterloo, IA. A thief hides behind a "Virtual Golf" display in an arcade to wait for closing time. Bored and impatient, he cuts a hole in the display screen to see outside and, as he is looking, someone hits a golf ball into the screen, which strikes the thief in the forehead, fracturing his skull and killing him.
480 Muluk Murdered The Category is Death -- Segment 5 On the morning of November 19, 1987, in Muluk near Bolpur in Birbhum district in the Indian state of West Bengal. A CPI(M) procession passing through the village had attacked the four Naxalite farm labourers who were in their fields. The mob beat them with sticks and hacked them to death. The dead were identified as Sheikh Jiauddin, Sheikh Mannan, Sudhir Ghosh and Nirmal Ghosh, supporters of the Kanu Sanyal faction of the CPI(ML).
481 Slob Clock (aka The Bob Clark Story) Death Matters -- Segment 5 Bob Clark and his son, Ariel Hanrath-Clark, were killed in a head-on car accident on the Pacific Coast Highway in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles on the morning of April 4, 2007. The crash occurred when an SUV crossed the median and struck Clark's Infiniti I30, causing the closure of the highway for eight hours. Police determined that the SUV's driver, Hector Velazquez-Nava, had a blood alcohol level of three times the legal limit and was driving without a license and was sentenced to six years in prison under the terms of a plea agreement. In addition, he may face deportation to his native Mexico, as he entered and was living in the United States illegally.
482 Sharon Fate (aka The Sharon Tate Story) Journey to the Center of Death -- Segment 2 On August 9, 1969, in Los Angeles, CA. A pregnant actress names Sharon Tate, who got brutally stabbed and murdered by members of Charles Manson's "family". The cops caught Manson's family, included Charles Mansion, who was setenced to life with parloeless (no parloe).
483 Gilmer's Gun Burst (aka USS Princeton Disaster of 1844) Time for Death -- Segment 4 On February 28, 1844, Thomas Walker Gilmer, who was an American statesman, was killed by the bursting of a gun on board USS Princeton while on a tour of the Potomac River. His death meant the loss of a valuable ally for John Tyler and some historians suggest that it may have delayed the Texas annexation effort.
484 Duff up the Heat (aka The Duff Cooley Story) Seconds from Death -- Segment 2 On August 9, 1937, in Dallas, TX. Duff Gordon, who was a professional baseball player, battled alcoholism, which partially contributed to his death from heat stroke.
485 M-R-Ouch! (aka Nurse Case Scenario) Up With Death -- Segment 1 On May 4, 2005, in Peoria, IL. A night nurse is mugged by a gun-toting drug addict during her shift. She tries to knock him unconscious by giving him prescription drugs, but they are ineffective. The addict soon tries to rape the nurse, and she lures him to an MRI room by stripping. She then turns it on to disarm the addict, but he has a steel plate in his skull which the magnetic force of the MRI machine attracts. The man flies into the machine, hitting his head on its top, and dies of brain damage from the massive blow.
486 Nantucked up the Storm (aka Severed Weather) Chased by Death -- Segment 5 August 30, 2011. Hurricane Irene killed at least 40 people as it moved from the Caribbean through New England, left an estimated $2.6 billion in damage and cut power to almost 8 million homes and businesses along the U.S. East Coast.
487 E-I-E-I-OW! (aka In Farm's Way) Eat, Pray Die -- Segment 5 On June 1, 2005, in Pullman, WA. Two delinquents are sentenced to a work release program on a farm after they got caught for grand theft auto. One of the delinquents picks up a captive bolt pistol, thinking it is a pump to a milking machine. The farmer's daughter warns him not to play with it, but he points it at her saying that he wants milk. Still thinking that it's a pump, the delinquent uses the captive bolt pistol on his own chest, piercing his heart.
488 F***ed up the Dense Fog (aka The Fog) Dying Young -- Segment 3 On September 5, 1984, in Meghalaya, India. A bus carrying 50 passengers plunged into a 3,300-foot-deep gorge near Shillong, in an incident caused by the driver losing control on an acute curve with dense fog. 29 people are killed, and another 25 are injured.
489 Dangerous Timberwolves Dead Thieves -- Segment 2 On April 18, 1996, in Haliburton, Ontario. Patricia Wyman had been hired as a new caretaker of the wolves at the Haliburton forest and wildlife preserve. The 5 wolves involved in the attack had been raised in captivity all their lives, but had never been socialized with humans. Instead, the wolves attacked Ms. Wyman.
490 Sharon Stoned (aka Basic Extinct) Endless Deaths -- Segment 6 When a rock star is viciously stabbed to death with an ice pick during romance by a mysterious blonde woman, who looks like Sharon Stone. Now, she finally got stabbed by a homicide detective, who looks like Michael Douglas with an ice pick.
491 Air of Asphyxiation (aka Mars of Massacre) Death: A New Beginning -- Segment 6 As one of the angry male astronauts enters Planet Mars, he tries to run, but he fell down the cliff of mars and crashed his helmet on a rock and dies from asphyxiation and decompression. Based on the movie "Total Recall" (1990).
492 Lauterback Laceration Seconds from Death -- Segment 1 On December 14, 2007, in Jacksonville, NC. Authorities found the burned remains of Maria Lauterbach and her unborn child in a fire pit in Corporal Cesar Armando Laurean's backyard. They also found a large quantity of her blood in Laurean's house. The official cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head.
493 Green-Boom The Category is Death -- Segment 6 On September 26, 1957, in Chicago, IL. Karl Patterson Schmidt, who was an American herpetologist, died after being bitten by a juvenile boomslang snake (Dispholidus typus), which had been sent to his lab at the Field Museum in Chicago for identification by Marlin Perkins, who was then the director of the Lincoln Park Zoo. Schmidt underestimated the severity of the snakebite and, as a result, did not seek medical treatment until it was too late to counteract the effects of the boomslang's venom. He died 28 hours after the bite.
494 Claw Crabbed (aka Massacre Near Crab Orchid) Live and Let Die -- Segment 4 In 1782, Phillip Hamman, his family, and the Baughman's began their move to Kentucky. Along the Wilderness Road at Dix River, near the town of Crab Orchard in Lincoln County, tragedy befell the party when Indians attacked their camp. Several accounts of this event are recorded in history.
495 Bus Off The Cliff Hoarding Death -- Segment 7 In the Spring of 2012, A tourist bus in southern Taiwan crashes over a cliff, killing 13 South Korean tourists.
496 Recep-Shunned (aka Wedding Swinger) Death Penalties -- Segment 1 On July 3, 2010, in Warwick, RI. An obnoxious wedding singer performs an insulting song, making fun of the groom being tricked into marrying the bride, who is pregnant and has herpes. When the groom goes to punch the singer, the best man tries to calm him down, only to be pushed away into the microphone stand, causing the microphone to lodge in the singer's throat. The wedding singer asphyxiates.
497 Ball Sacked (aka Sports Nut) Death, The New Black -- Segment 6 / Top 100 Deaths -- Segment 70 On October 3, 2007, in Coalville, WV. An angry football coach has been reduced to working at a small-town high school after being fired for cheating. As he tries to toughen up his players in an outlawed "Bull Ring" drill, the coach is hit by a player, stumbles from the hit and into the path of a kicker's kick, which hits him in the uprights. The kicker was given lead insets in his cleats just before practice and the force of the kick causes the coach's p***** to shatter and a piece of bone to lodge into his kidneys and give him a fatal case of septic shock.
498 Choke-A-Lot Death Gets Busy -- Segment 5 / Top 100 Deaths -- Segment 15 On March 27, 1975, in Peachtree City, GA. Two dim-witted kitchen aides play by throwing cocoa powder at each other in a confined room. The powder impairs the alveoli in their lungs and they are asphyxiated.
499 Pained Gun Death be not Stupid -- Segment 5 On September 20, 2006, in Simi Valley, CA. A pair of high-school boys film themselves doing drive-bys on people with a paintball gun as part of a hare-brained plot to become viral video stars on YouTube. When the gun malfunctions, one of the boys shoots the canister of CO2 at 200 mph into the larynx of his friend, which breaks his neck and kills him.
500 Ich Bin Ein Stoner (aka Witch Hunt) Eat, Pray Die -- Segment 1 On October 26, 1384, in Cochem, Germany. A medieval witch hunter goes mad after eating grains infected with ergot. The superstitious townspeople use a method that the witch hunter used on a village woman who was accused of witchcraft: pricking a mole on the accused's body (if it bled, the accused was innocent; if not, the accused was deemed a witch). The witch hunter's mole does not bleed and he is sentenced to death by stoning. The witch hunter is killed when a stone hits him in the head and cracks his skull.

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