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    Fake ways to die

    July 10, 2012 by Anonymous2u

    Okay,so these are some ways to die that i think kwould be exellent to be on the show, they are all just some of my ideas. this is all for fun. Oh & i would love to hear some of your suggestions and/or comments. Enjoy

    Location: Washington DC

    Date: April 23rd 2006

    Gary was a mueseum theif, he was infamous for his clean & unsolved heists. One of his most recent was a theft of a lovely greco-roman bust. Tonight he was at a museum. His target: An Elvisaurus skull. Elvisaurus was one of the dinosaur skeletons on display at the triassic exhibit. First he had to neutralize the gaurd. he pulled a tranquillizer dart gun out to shoot him. first shot hit one of the vertibrates of the elvisaurus skeleton. second shot, hit the gaurd in the side & he was co…

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