Way to Die #937
"Tone Death"
Name of the death is a pun on "tone deaf"
Tone Death
"Clyde learned a hard lesson: Hertz... hurts."
Date October 17, 2009
Location Brooklyn, NY
Episode this death
was featured in
"If You're Dead - Leave a Message and We'll Get Back to You"
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"Tone Death", Way to Die #937, is the second death featured in "If You're Dead – Leave a Message and We'll Get Back to You", which aired on January 5, 2011.


A i-Dose dealer named Clyde sells his digital drugs to many people. He later on gets his hands on military subsonic equipment and uses it to amplify the hallucinogenic effects of his music for a new i-Dose file called "Satan's Jackhammer" and ends up dying from sonic pressure that destroys the the ear drum and the lungs fasten intakes air until the person vomits blood and wet his own pants so bad, otherwise known as SADS, aka (Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome).

"Clyde was looking for the ultimate high, but he was in way over his head."


  • Chase Holtman (Recreational I-Doser)
  • Phil Warren (Audio Engineer)


  • On, if you try to view this episode, they accidentally put up Hertz So Good.

Segment Nickname

  • Over-I-Dose

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