Way to Die #508
"Toe Jammed"
Name of the death is a pun on "toejam"
Toe Jammed
Date September 14, 2005
Location Toledo, Ohio
Episode this death
was featured in
"Deadliest Kitsch"

"Toe Jammed", Way to Die #508, is the sixth death featured in "Deadliest Kitsch", which aired October 24, 2011.


A hospital janitor named Gunther with a fetish for feet and unconscious women sneaks around giving pedicures to sleeping or comatose female hospital patients while sucking on a foot-shaped lollipop. While finishing a pedicure on a coma patient, Gunther accidentally lets a hospital tray swing towards the woman's kneecap, triggering the patellar reflex. The coma patient involuntarily kicks Gunther in the face, causing the lollipop to lodge in his throat and Gunther to choke to death. Gunther could have been saved, but since he liked his patients unconscious, no one was around to help him.

"Gunther worked the night shift to satisfy his foot fetish, what finally stopped him was a sleeping beauty who gave him a sucker punch."


Foreign names

  • Patada Voladora (Flying Kick) - Latin American and Spanish dubs.