Way to Die #296
"Tipping Point"
Name of the death is a pun on the physical term of the same name
Tipping Point - screenshot
Date May 8, 2001
Location San Fransisco, California
Episode this death
was featured in

"Tipping Point", Way to Die #296, is the third death featured in "Die-abestic", which is set to air on February 1, 2012.


Kerry and Sherry, two rival waitresses at Pink Peaks (a Hooters-style restaurant), haven't been making much money. When an all-male softball team comes in to get their orders, the two get in a catfight for the role of being their waitress. Kerry defeats Sherry after placing her head in a plate of spaghetti and plans to go in for the kill, but instead gets her left breast pierced when she lands on the spear of the receipt holder. When Kerry gets up, she gets the holder out of her breast and both silicone and her heart's blood leaks out, and she dies from blood loss.

"It was the dead zone at Pink Peaks. Then, business picked up. In the end, Kerry beat up Sherry on the table. I don't think that was the tip she was looking for. Check, please!"


  • Trisha Paytes - Former Hooters Waitress
  • Dr. Steven Burstein - Interventional Cardiologist


  • There was another segment about catfight between parking cars for two rivalry women. See "Way to Die #295".
  • The name of the restaurant is based on Twin Peaks.

Segment Nicknames

  • Gratuity Violence (on Spike TV Website)
  • Breast-aurant Battlefield