Way to Die #753
"Thanks A Clot"
Name of the death is a pun on "thanks a lot"
Thanks A Clot
"What's up, Doc?"
Date February 12, 2005
Location Cebu Island, Philippines
Episode this death
was featured in
"Grave Errors"

"Thanks A Clot", Way to Die #753, is the fourth death featured in "Grave Errors", which aired on March 2, 2011.


Honesto is a Filipino scam artist posing as a "psychic" surgeon, claiming to heal people by pulling out disease-ridden organs from their bodies by sleight of hand (It was really just bloody animal parts in a bowl beside the table). A patient later comes in suffering from leprosy. Honesto accidentally comes into contact with the patient's mucus while waving his hands over his body. A month later, Honesto begins to develop skin lesions on his arms. His assisant leaves, knowing the man is suffering from leprosy. A few months later, Honesto is dying and clutches onto his now meaningless cash while crawling out of his hut. However, a blood clot swims into his lungs, and ends up stopping his black heart and killing him.


  • D.J. Grothe - Illusion Debunker
  • Dr. Pavel Bindra - Cardiac Electrophysiologist


  • This is the only death to feature a Filipino's death.
  • Also the only death to happen in the Philippines.
  • This death is also known as "Dr. Doctor" on the Spike TV website.
  • The doggerel is a reference to Bugs Bunny's catchphrase and a Looney Tunes sound effect is heard just before the Way to Die # and Segment Name screen show up. 

Foreign names

  • Dinero Infectado (Infected Money) - Latin American dub.