Way to Die #221
"Rebel Without A Pulse"
Name of the death is a pun on Rebel Without a Cause
Date July 4, 1867
Location Stonetop Canyon
Anniston, Georgia
Episode this death
was featured in
"The Lighter Side of Death"
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"Rebel Without A Pulse", Way to Die #221, is the fifth death to be featured in "The Lighter Side of Death", which aired on March 1, 2009.


The Civil War had been over for 2 years,but somehow these rag-tied group of rebel soldiers never got the message. But Private Willie Holmes was born by the war and decided to take off,but he got caught trying to sneak away when he was branded a deserter and sentenced to death by firing squad.

Having battled side by side with him since the beginning of the war, his buddies are now facing the unpleasant duty of whacking their beloved Willie. Their hard bastard colonel wasn't about to let Willie off the hook .The only medal Willie was going to get were 4 lead slugs to the chest.

But a funny thing happened on the way to Willie's execution: Everyone fired,and everyone missed. And even funnier: He's dead.

Adrenaline levels secreted from Willie's nervous system went way off the scale as he imagined the bullets ridiling his body. It was like a lightning bolt to his heart. He suffered a massive carnory and died without a scratch.


Dr. S. Thomas Carmichael - Neurologist


  • This way to die is filmed as if it were an old western movie.
    • Entirely, this way to die is in black & white.

Foreign names

  • Rebelde sin Pulso - Latin American and Spanish dubs

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