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Way to Die #942: Quicksand, is the first death featured in "Chased by Death".


A landlord named Ken and his snake pal have their revenge on sleazy snake hunters (Nick and Rick) in this terrifying quicksand.

"The choice for Nick and Rick was to either get trapped in the quicksand or get snakebites by Ken's snake. So they made a wise decision as they get stuck in the quicksand. Snake you later, snake hunters (Nick and Rick)!"



  • The death was based on this scene from William Grefe's drive-in classic Stanley (1972).
  • There was another death segment about the sinkhole trap during mud wrestling. See Way to Die #620.
  • This was like what happened to Phil DeVille but when Ken gave him a choice of either a snake bite from his snake or quicksand, he chose Kimi Watanabe-Finster. Ken explains to DeVille that Watanabe-Finster wasn't a choice but DeVille went there anyway. Later DeVille and Watanabe-Finster go on the docks. Watanabe-Finster tells DeVille not to trust Ken like the two snake hunters did. DeVille promises but he needs to learn that wherever he goes Watanabe-Finster is always the nicest girl and loves DeVille more than any other Rugrat.

Pun-On DetailsEdit

  • Words: The name of the Death segment was this kind of the problem on the ground.

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