Way to Die #396
"Onesie & Donesie"
Name of the death is a pun on "onesie" and the slang basketball term "one and done"
Onesie & Donesie
Date December 7, 2008
Location Orlando, Florida
Episode this death
was featured in
"Young, Dumb, and Full of Death"

"Onesie & Donesie", Way to Die #396, is the first death to be featured in "Young, Dumb, and Full of Death", which aired on November 9, 2010.


Chet was a klutzy salesman and pitchman. After injuring himself with a folding ladder and a samurai sword during their demonstrations, he spent days in a hospital bed, and was later back on the set selling and smiling. His final product to demonstrate, an adult-sized onesie, caught on fire after he showed off some giveaway aromatherapy candles. He writhed on the floor, without stopping or rolling, and eventually, he perished. A stage man tried dousing him off with a broken fire extinguisher, but had no luck. Chet died due to major burns on his body.

Chet was a nice, tough guy, but he was his own worst enemy. In the end, the only thing Chet had to fear...was fear himself.


  • Rob Ekno - Television shopping host
  • Pavel Bindra - Cardiac electrophysiologyst


  • Two of the incidents are based on actual events that happened to TV shopping network hosts.
    • The folding ladder collapse happened to Harold McCoo on the Cable Value Network in 1988, although he was unhurt.
    • The broken sword happened to Shawn Leflar on The Knife Collector's Show on the Shop at Home Network in 2001.