Way to Die #372
"Meat Your Maker"
Name of the death is a pun on "meet your maker"
Meat Your Maker
Date June 16, 2010
Location Fort Wayne, Indiana
Episode this death
was featured in
"Tweets From the Dead"

"Meat Your Maker", Way to Die #372, is the fourth death featured in "Tweets From the Dead", which aired March 26, 2012.


Two unrelated thieves named Ramirez and Marco attempt to loot a meat truck. Marco gets in the back to loot the meat, but is locked in by the driver. Ramirez hijacks the truck, unaware that another thief is in the back. When he is tipped off to the cops, he makes a getaway on the truck, swerving constantly. While swerving, Marco in the back is rattled around until he gets impaled in the throat by a meat hook causing his death from massive hemorrhaging. As soon as Ramirez is arrested after pulling over the truck,the police officer opens the rear portion of the truck,only to discover Marco's corpse, much to the horror of the officer and Ramirez.

"Death: It's what for dinner."


  • Dr. Jeffrey Lake - Colorectal Surgeon


  • Also called "Hooked On A Feeling" on the Spike TV website.