Way to Die #412
Name of the death is a pun on "lesbian" and "boned"
Date June 9, 2008
Location Parker Strip, Arizona
Episode this death
was featured in
"Hurry Up and Die"
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"Lesboned", Way to Die #412, is the fourth death featured in "Hurry Up and Die", which aired on October 26, 2010.


This is the story of Jasmine and Janine. Jasmine is a bisexual real estate agent notorious for having sex with her clients. At that point, she meets and seduces Janine; she was wealthy and prospective customer and also, a lesbian. After a tour of the house, pool, and eventually the laundry room, they strip and have sex on top of the dryer. Jasmine and Janine's movements cause its improperly-connected fuel line to come loose and unhook, causing the room to fill with highly-flammable natural gas. When the water heater turns on, it ignites the gas and sets off an explosion that kills both women instantly.

"Real estate is a tricky business. One minute the prices are going down, and the next thing you know.. they're sky high."

[Way To Die #412 Lesboned]


The date for this death is June 9, 2008, or 6/9 (69)

Segment Nickname

  • Burning Loins (Spike TV website)
  • Lazy Laundromat

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