Way to Die #914
"Lazy Bumday"
Name of the death is a pun on "lazy Monday"
Lazy Bumday
Date January 5, 2001
Location Homestead, Florida
Episode this death
was featured in
"Locked and Low Dead"

"Lazy Bumday", Way to Die #914, is the fifth death to be featured in "Locked and Low Dead", which aired on February 29, 2012.


Harry is a lazy scammer who is immobilized due to his ankles breaking and is confined to a power wheelchair. He poses as a Gulf War Veteran and successfully scams people out of their money. After going back to his house, he notices that his unkempt kitchen is infested with maggots. Harry soon finds that maggots have been residing on his back, where they have been feasting on his bedsores for weeks. Due to years of bad diet and no exercise (not maggots eating him alive), Harry soon squirmed off his chair, collapses and dies of heart failure.

"Death by maggots? Nope. They were just getting a free meal. Harry died from massive heart failure."

"Pretty dumb way to die. But in Harry's case, beggars can't be choosers, ya maggot!"


  • Doug Yanega


  • This death took place on January 5, 2001, while way to die #830 "Ass-Plosion" took place one day prior (January 4, 2001).
  • Also known as "Dirty Rotting Scoundrel" on the Spike TV Website.

Foreign names

  • Por Gusano (Because he was a worm) - Latin American and Spanish dubs.