Way to Die #446
Name of the death is a pun on "karaoke" and "choke".
Date June 24, 2005
Location Kyoto, Japan
Episode this death
was featured in
"Star Death: The Last Generation"

Way to Die #446: Kara-Chokey, is the third death featured in "Star Death: The Last Generation", which aired February 8, 2012.


On June 24, 2005, in Kyoto, Japan. A Japanese Yakuza boss punishes a drunk karaoke singer by severing his fingertip and swallowing it, only to have it lodge in his throat. One of his underlings performs the Heimlich maneuver to save him, but his incorrect technique ruptures the boss's aortic valve so that he dies of massive internal hemorrhaging.

"For the Yakuza, respect is everything. Jim screwed up by getting drunk. But in the end, it was the Black Wolf who got fingered."

Segment Nickname

  • Inside Choke

Foreign Names

  • Karao-muerto (Karao-dead) - Latin American dub.