Way to Die #134
"Ghost Busted"
Name of the death is a pun on the 80's movie "Ghostbusters"
Ghost Busted
Date July 19, 2011
Location Ann Arbor, Michigan
Episode this death
was featured in
"Tweets From the Dead"
"Cast Offed"
"Waste Dead"

"Ghost Busted", Way to Die #134, is the last death to be featured in "Tweets from the Dead", which aired on March 26, 2012.


Two ghost hunters named Chester and Lester walk in a haunted house which was formerly a brothel. The title of their show is Ghost Molesters. They try to find spirits of prostitutes and have sex with them. However as they reach into the attic, Chester and Lester run into a ghostly cloaked figure. As they try to check it out, the figure chases them away and they run out screaming.

The "ghost figure" reveals himself to be the house owner who was annoyed by the numerous break-ins on his property. The men run away, with Lester descending to the ground off the ladder, and Chester making a dash for the car. Once Lester descends the ladder, in a panic, he knocks a wrench off the roof and it hits him in the head. He is then run over by his friend escaping with the car. Chester was the one who drove the car. He accidentally knocked Lester over, and the wheels crushed his spine, fractures his arms and legs, explodes his heart, ruptures his lungs, and cracks his skull. It also caused Lester to bleed out. Chester was disappointed and frustrated to see Lester dead. Chester didn't know that his car scampered on Lester, this just happened fast without warning. Chester horrified shouted, "NOOOOOO! LESTER!!!"

"Chester and Lester went looking for the ultimate ghostgasm, but then they got spooked. Now Chester's less... one Lester."

Foreign names

  • Entgeistert (Dumbfounded) - German dub


  • The title of Chester's and Lester's show is a parody of the show Ghost Adventures.

Segment Nickname

Haunted Hoax (Spike TV website)