Way to Die #672
Name of the death is a pun on "erection" and "arachnophobia"
Date June 9, 2007
Location Washington, D.C.
Episode this death
was featured in
"Stupid is as Stupid Dies"

Way to Die #672: Erecto-Phobia, is the fifth death featured in "Stupid is as Stupid Dies", which aired on September 21, 2010.


Peter was going to have the best day of his life, which would end with the end of his life. Lately, he had been cheating on his longtime girlfriend, Brianna with two other girls: Lukasha and Desiree. While unpacking Brianna's groceries, he gets bitten by a Brazilian wandering spider while getting some bananas out of her bag. The spider's venom causes his blood vessels to dilate, resulting in a permanent erection. After having sex with Lukasha, the venom causes him to have a heart attack.

Pete was a cheat, who thought he was neat to bang 3 girls in one day. Along came a spider, and while he was inside her... a heart attack blew Peter away.”

Segment Nickname

  • Peter Pork-Her
  • Arachnophobia Attack
  • Itsy Bitsy Speter


In 2003, a young boy died an hour from being bitten by what is called the "Banana Spider" (same spider that bit Peter). He died from an allergy to the toxin, probably the reason why he died quicker than Peter.

Foreign names

  • Erecto-Fobia - Latin American and Spanish dubs.