Way to Die #417
Name of the death is a pun on "destroyed" and "steroids"
Date October 24, 2003
Location Gould's Gym
Seattle, Washington
Episode this death
was featured in
"Death: A User's Manual"
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next death

"DestRoid", Way to Die #417, is the second death to be featured in "Death: A User's Manual", which aired on March 29, 2009.


Mike Arms was an amateur bodybuilder who worked out a lot of times. Each time, he would stick a needle full of steroids in his leg which gave him incredible strength and size. But inside his body, his heart was beating irregular beats. Then while working out, his body was juicing on the outside, while it was breaking on the inside. He had something called cardiomyapathy. Cardiomyapathy is an abnormal heart beat. Mike died instantly.

"Mike's obsession with his body cost him his life. I blame it on the juice." - (US Version)

"Mike's obsession with his body cost him his life. I blame the parents." - (UK Version)

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