Way to Die #259
Name of the death is a pun on "dethroned"
Date April 23, 2002
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Episode this death
was featured in
"Today's Menu: Deep Fried Death"

"De-throned", Way to Die #259, is the last death featured in "Today's Menu: Deep Fried Death", which aired on December 8, 2010.


Duke, a bastardized biker, forces a cocktail waitress, Cherry, to serve him by cleaning up his messes to pay off a debt. After Duke cleans his motor engine with gasoline and goes to another biker rally, Cherry cleans up the gasoline, throws it away into a toilet without thinking, and forgets to flush it. After Duke returns, he feels like taking a dump, so he goes to the bathroom and lights a cigarette. After throwing the lit cigarette into the toilet, the combination of methane, gasoline, and fire results in an explosion, causing Duke to fly off the toilet seat like a rocket. Duke dies from the explosion, stopping his veins and pelvis, much to the delight of Cherry.

"Duke's lard ass was launched off the critter like a scud missile."

"And so, another douche bag bites the dust. Let's take a moment while this crapped out a few last words. Hey Duke, blow it out your ass!"


  • This death is based on this urban legend.
  • Also called "Bowel-Ed Over" on the Spike TV website.