Way to Die #264
"Crate and Buried"
Name of the death is a pun on "crate and barrel"
Crate and Buried
Date August 15, 2004
Location Darfur, Sudan
Episode this death
was featured in
"Dead Before They Know It"
previous death
"Killer Tan"
next death
"This Bird Has Flu"

Crate and Buried Way to Die #264, is the third death to be featured in "Dead Before They Know It", which has been originally aired on March 23, 2011.


On August 15, 2004, in Darfur, Sudan. Two thieves named Ahmed and Ali in Sudan steal supply crates needed for refugees. As Ahmed and Ali celebrate, they suddenly get crushed by a falling, two-ton supply crate that had a faulty parachute. After the two thieves are crushed, the people that they chased away come back for the supplies.

"If Ahmed and Ali were allowed to look into the future and see how their lives would end, they'd be crushed."

Segment Nickname

Air Maul

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