Way to Die #498
Name of the death is a pun on "chocolate"
"Carl and Lenny. Stupid is as stupid dies."
Date March 27, 1975
Location Homefood Cafe: Peachtree City, Georgia
Episode this death
was featured in
"Death Gets Busy"

Way to Die #498: Choke-A-Lot, is the fifth death featured in "Death Gets Busy", which aired on February 22, 2009.


If ignorance is bliss, then Carl and Lenny here are ready for nirvana. The best way to describe them? Happy-go-lucky nitwits. The half a brain they shared was the right amount for their job as minimum wage kitchen aides. If you're this stupid, it's like being in the carpool lane on the death highway.

Carl and Lenny are making good time. A couple of sacks of cocoa powder and the race is on. The two idiots pelt and pound each other with wild abandon. If Carl and Lenny were a little less stupid, they might have stopped once they realized they were gradually suffocating from the cocoa-charged atmosphere.

Their alveoli (tiny air sacs in the lungs) were filling up with the fine powder, making breathing impossible.

If they were just slightly less stupid, they might have realized that they weren't having fun, they were dying.


  • Stefan Timmermans, Sociologist.


  • Carl and Lenny are the characters for The Simpsons, they work in Springfield Nuclear Plant alongside with their friend Homer Simpson.

Foreign names

  • Ahogados por el Chocolate (Drowned by Chocolate) - Latin American dub
  • Asfixia por Chocolate (Asphyxiation for Chocolate) - Spanish dub