Way to Die #965
Name of the death is a pun on "bulls**t" and "bushido" (suicide code of Japan)
Date December 11, 2006
Location Osaka, Japan
Episode this death
was featured in
"Death Takes A Vacation"

"Bull-shido", Way to Die #965, is the second death to be featured in "Death Takes A Vacation", which aired on November 14, 2011.


Kioshi was a depressed musician. One of his band mates named Tinaka died in a previous episode and ever since, he had been in a rut. One day, Kioshi realised his rock band sucked and he has no talent, so he decides to commit a form of samurai suicide called Seppuku with the help of his bandmates. First he recites a poem apologizing for his lack of talent and then he uses a tarento to cut his insides wide open. He then dies of exsanguination.

To finish the death, his band member takes a sword and decapitates him.

”Kioshi was a bad musician. but in a samurai, he could really... cut it."


  • This is the very first intentional suicide not done out of stupidity.
  • Kioshi's band is described as being terrible, but in Coffin To Death, not only were they very popular with the audience, but even the narrator described them as being a good band
  • In the previous segment, Kioshi was called "Basho"
  • Also Called “Kiosh-Died” on the spike website

Foreign names

  • Samurai Estupido (Stupid Samurai) - Latin American dub.
  • Destripado (Disemboweled) - Spanish dub.
  • Saudado Diminio (Pirate Fight) - Portuguese dub.