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Way to Die #642
Name of the death is a pun on "Bull" & "Bulimia"
Date March 24th 2010
Location Somewhere in the middle-east
Episode this death
was featured in
"Deadliest Kitsch"
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"Bull-Heavia", way to die #642 is the first death to be featured on "Deadliest Kitsch" which aired on October 24th 2011 A.D.


Javez was a middle-easter dictator who used televised rants against the United States of America to make a point for his country. But in private, he loves America almost as much as he loves his own country! He even had his own private room filled with americana decore & items. The item he liked most in his crazed collection was a mechanical bull he called "Old Smokey". All his troubles went away whan he rode it. When he was riding it one day, Javez began to grow impatient & told his assistant Amed to speed up the bull. Javez spun eraticly on the bull, until Amed accidently hit the stop button & Javez flew right off his mechanical steed.......& right on his model of Washington D.C. where the Washington monument model he dicribed as "Looking like Camel-penis" punctured through his heart & sturdum, & out his back. much to the astonishment of Amed. Javez's strange oppsession with the US ultimately led to his demise, but through all this carnage, a question lingers, was Javez really a bad guy?

"Javez's love for America was strange, but misguided. In the land of the free, he was nothing but one more dead bad guy."


  • Tom Metcalf - Historia
  • David Svoboda - EMT

Alternative Name

  • Bleader (Spike TV website)


  • The producers of 1000 ways to die may have not included an exact location for ethnical purposes

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