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Way to Die #761: Brick Turner, is the fourth death featured in "The Death Club", as part of the animated version of this series.


On June 22, 1954, Anne Perry and Juliet Marion Hulme took Honora Rieper for a walk in Victoria Park in their hometown of Christchurch. On an isolated path Hulme dropped an ornamental stone so that Ms. Rieper would lean over to retrieve it. At that point, Parker had planned to hit her mother with half a brick wrapped in a stocking. The girls presumed that would kill her; instead, it took 45 frenzied blows from both girls to finally kill Honora Rieper. The brutality of the crime has contributed to its notoriety. A few hours later, Anne and Juliet found guilty and sentenced to life in prison with paroleless (no parole).


  • The death of Honora Rieper was a true story in history.

Pun-On DetailsEdit

  • Words: "Brick" and "Turner"

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