Way to Die #124
Name of the death is a pun on "biblical"
Date June 6, 2006
Location Hancock, Iowa
Episode this death
was featured in
"Dead Wrongs"
previous death
next death
"Love Bugged"

"Bibli-killed", Way to Die #124, is the second death featured in "Dead Wrongs" which aired on September 28, 2010.


Caleb and Jacob were a pair of phony preachers with a box of unread giveaway bibles in the back seat of their car. One day, they stop at a farm to "save another soul" (actually, to have sex with the farmer's grand-daughter, Emmy Lou). In an attempt, the farmer's wife overhears, and chases the two scammers with a shotgun. Caleb and Jacob found shelter inside a grain silo, and, after Caleb turns on a lighter to find out where the both of them are, the silo around them explodes with much power as three sticks of dynamite, killing them both. The farmer's wife gloats at their death saying, "A waste of good corn." Caleb and Jacob ended up blackened.

"Here's one for all you bible students out there: All come from dust, and to dust all return. Caleb and Jacob lied... and got burned."


The date this death happened is June 6, 2006. Which was 6/6/06 (or 6-6-6) which is relevant to the biblical "Number of the Beast" (666)

Foreign names

  • Arder en el Infierno (Burn in Hell) - Latin American dub.
  • Hechos polvo (Turned to dust) - Spanish dub.

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