Way to Die #540
"Beer Bashed"
Name of the death is a pun on "beer bash"
Beer Bashed
Date April 24, 1998
Location Malibu, California
Episode this death
was featured in
"Dead on Dead"
previous death
next death

Way to Die #540: Beer Bashed, is the fifth death featured in "Dead on Dead", which aired on February 24, 2010.


On April 24, 1998, in Malibu, California. A rugby team throws a beach party after losing another game. One of the players who goes by the name of John gets drunk. After finding out the beer is cold, he warms it up by throwing a keg of beer into a bonfire. The team parts the bonfire but John because at least one victim must die in this story. Shortly after they leave John stands and waits. The keg explodes and the metal scraps from the keg cut through his body, killing him.

"Anyone who knew him thought John was a total dick. The silver lining in this beer cloud, at least, he didn't take anyone else with him."

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