Way to Die #497
"Ball Sacked"
Name of the death is a pun on "ball sack"
Ball Sacked
Date October 3, 2007
Location Coalville, West Virginia
Episode this death
was featured in
"Death, The New Black"

"Ball Sacked", Way to Die #497 is the sixth death to be featured in "Death, The New Black", which aired on July 18, 2011.


Coach Shaffer was an angry football coach who has been reduced to working at a small-town high school after being fired for cheating. As he tries to toughen up his players in an outlawed "Bull Ring" drill, the coach is hit by a player, stumbles from the hit and into the path of a kicker's kick, which hits him in the uprights. The kicker was given lead inserts in his cleats just before practice and the force of the kick causes the coach's pelvis to shatter and a piece of bone to lodge into his kidneys and give him a fatal case of septic shock.

"Coach Schafer was an over-bearing tyrant who thought cheating was acceptable. As long as he didn't get caught. Then he caught one... right in the chops. Game Over... coach.


  • Also called "Sports Nut" on the Spike TV website.
  • The death is set in Utah in the German version.

Foreign names

  • Patada de Plomo (Lead Kick) - Latin American Dub.
  • Despelotado (Ballless) - Spanish Dub