Way to Die #830
Name of the death is a pun on "explosion"
Date January 4, 2001
Location Del Mar, California
Episode this death
was featured in
"Death - the Final Frontier"
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Way to Die #830: Ass-Plosion, is the fifth death featured in "Death, The Final Frontier", which aired on July 15, 2012, as part of the series finale.


A Scottish bodybuilder named Angus plays dirty against his oppponents in a "Strongest Man" competition. When he lifts up a large rock, the pressure caused by his body expels his weak anal sphincter and intestines out through his rectum and as a result, he dies from a massive heart attack caused by the shock of seeing his own organs.

There's an expression in sports: no guts, no glory. Angus dropped his guts, missed out on the glory, and finished the competition...dead last!

Segment Nickname

  • Strongman's Sad Day
  • Competitive Cheater


  • While the CGI version demonstrates Angus's death, the Howie scream appears to be used when the CGI version of Angus was screaming.

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