Way to Die #897
"American Died'ol"
Name of the death is a pun on the TV series "American Idol" and "died"
American Died'ol
If you want to be a star, you need equal parts ambition and talent. In her quest for immortality, Chantal learned one final lesson: You also need to be... alive.
Date October 7, 2010
Location Montclair, New Jersey
Episode this death
was featured in
"A New App Called Death"
previous death
"The Day The Magic Died"
next death

"American Died'ol", Way to Die #897, is the sixth death featured in "A New App Called Death", which aired April 2, 2012.


A rather arrogant African American woman named Chantal deliberately cuts in line during a talent search for the next big pop music star in the musical reality show called Star Machine. All of a sudden, a freak windstorm blows her umbrella out of her hands and sends it crashing down, wedging into her spinal cord like a spear and causing her death from neurogenic shock.


  • Siameze - Talent Show Contestant
  • Dr. Khyber Zaffarkhan - Orthopedic Surgeon

Segment Nickname

  • Pariah Carey (parody of singer Mariah Carey; Spike TV website)
  • Terrified Talent


  • Star Machine is a spoof of American Idol.
  • This death is combined with The Day The Magic Died on the Spike TV website.

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